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Day Trips From Seattle, WA

I love road trips, especially road trips to places I can hike around.  One of the places I went quite often was to the Green River and Flaming Geyser Park. It is SE of Seattle, taking I – 5 south, to Hwy 18 going east, taking the Black Diamond Exit and following the signs to Flaming Geyser park.  The road winds past horse farms, and produce farms so it is quite picturesque.   The park is 480 acres,  day use, with more than 3 miles of shoreline.   People go there to walk, picnic and float down the river. I have been there during all seasons, walking through fall leaves, walking in the rain, and sunbathing in the rare sunny days. The park has a few “geysers” (methane leaks), and one of them used to spout a few feet high but now is only a few inches.


Angel wings, green river Flaming geyser green river WA Flaming geyser trail Green river.jpg July 9, 2010 Road into park with mist


Another beautiful trip is to Lake Kachess. It is near the town of Cle Elum, off of I-90 East.  There is a river there, the lake, campgrounds, homes near by and places to walk. I went during the fall after the campground had closed and was the only one there. The fall colors were beautiful. I found some tracks and didn’t figure out what kind of animal they belonged to.


Fall. 2 2011 Lake Gale Creek, Lake Kachess Lake Kachess tracks Lake Kachess. water color Reflection on Lake Kachess


My Mom’s last visit to see my son and I in Seattle was for my birthday in 1999. She died that year in Oct.  She had wanted to go to Butchart gardens again as she had fond memories of it, but decided not to spend the money on the trip. (tip to ALL people…enjoy your money why you are ALIVE!).  So before leaving Seattle in 2012, I took myself up to see the gardens around my birthday time.  The Clipper takes travelers from Seattle to Victoria, BC for day trips as well as combining it with stays in local hotels.  I just went up for the day, taking the tour to the gardens and then leaving me some time to walk around Victoria.  While there, I signed the guest book with my Mom’s name so that she was able to have one more visit there.

Butchart Gardens were created by Robert and Jennie Butchart along with help from master gardeners.  Robert had purchased the land to create a quarry for gathering limestone for cement.  His wife decided to then create gardens on this land as the quarry was exhausted of it’s limestone. It grew from there. They built their factory and home on the land and even when the gardens went public, they continued to live there.  Throughout the years, dignitaries from around the world gave them plants to add to their collection.


gardens 33 dock in bay off gardens gardens 35 Italian garden gardens 42 inside garden gardens 13 gardens 24 gardens 31


Long Beach, Washington is on a peninsula just north of the Columbia River, the border of Oregon and the town, Astoria.  There are a few towns along the Peninsula, a few miles from each other. It is SW of Seattle, with several available routes to take to get there.  It is known as a great place for kite flying, growing cranberries, and oysters. They have several festivals throughout the year. In 2000 I went in the fall during their Oyster Festival, which is a music festival with various offerings along the peninsula.  In Sept. 2012, before I made the decision to leave Seattle, I knew I needed a short vacation. So I found a great RV park in Sea View, south of Long Beach , made reservations and paid for a tenting spot. Unfortunately, the first night there it rained and my tent was filled with water, leading me to spend my first day there doing laundry. I then upgraded to a sweet small RV to spend the next few days.  I was arriving during their old car festival so watched several beautiful older cars driving past me on my trip there. while there, I went on long walks every day through town and along the wonderful trail. The paved trail goes from mostly one end of the peninsula to the other end, used by bicyclists and  walkers both.

Pave path with ocean in the distance Ocean view Cranberry crop Trail from park to ocean


Some of my other favorite day trips from Seattle were to Snoqualmie Falls east of Seattle on I-90, and longer trips to La Push, on the Olympic Peninsula. La Push is on the ocean and west of Forks. The Rain Forest is south of there and a wonderful place to hike.


Please share any of your favorite day trips from Seattle in the comment section below!

Favorite places in Seattle, WA

I lived in Seattle, WA for 13 years. Since I grew up in the desert with sunshine most every day, the climate felt challenging. I also grew up in a small town and so being in a city was different for me, too. I eventually left Seattle, but in conversations since leaving, and even while I lived there, I am still able to recognize delightful places that I enjoy there. I am going to share a few in this post and also post some separate photo albums of  places I love there and trips I took near there.

The places that I loved to take people to were the Fremont Troll, underneath the Aurora Bridge in Fremont; The Lenin statue, also in Fremont, brought over from Russia; the waiting for Interurban statue, also in Fremont, featured in the movie “Say Anything”; the duck tour which takes you past Gasworks park, and old gasworks (featured in the movie “10 things I hate about you”) and the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat, along with driving you by the Space needle and the Experience Music Project; Jimi Hendrick’s grave; the conservatory at Volunteer Park; the arboretum; Kubota gardens; Kerry Park; Lincoln park and the yearly Rhythm festival which hosts teachers from all over the world.

Troll Jan. 23, 10

This is the famous Fremont Troll, under the Aurora Bridge.  Fremont is known for it’s Solstice Parade and Nude bicyclists.  It is quite the colorful neighborhood.

Lenin Statute, May 2011 Seattle

This is the Lenin Statue, also in Fremont, purchased by an individual and shipped to Seattle to be placed in Fremont.

Waiting for interurban. close up

The “Waiting for Interurban” scuplture, also in Fremont, seen in the movie “Say Anything”.

View from Kerry park Jan. 23, 10

This is the view of downtown Seattle at night, taken from Kerry Park, north of downtown. This is a great viewing spot.

Seattle Center 1

The famous Space Needle, built in 1962 for the World’s Fair.

Rhythm festival

The annual World Rhythm Festival, held at the Seattle Center, consists of 3 days of free dance and drumming performances and classes.  They have events for both adults and children, featuring teachers  and performers from all around the world.  It is my favorite Seattle Festival and is free.

Gasworks parkGasworks park

This is a photo of the duck tour which takes people to famous places via land and water. Here it is going by Gasworks park, an old gasworks, turned into a wonderful park. “Ten Things I Hate About You” was filmed at Gas works park.  It is a great place for kite flying, with beautiful views. The duck tour is great fun and I went on it for my birthday in 2011.

Sleepless house 3

This is the Sleepless in Seattle House made famous in the movie of the same name.

Memorial memorial 8 memorial 7

This is the Jimi Hendrix Memorial, dedicated in 2003, containing burial plots for 24 members of the Hendrix family. It is in Greenwood cemetery in Renton, WA.

Japenese pond Kubato gardens

Kubota Garden is a 30 acre Japanese garden in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. A public park since 1987, it was started in 1927 by Fujitaro Kubota, a Japanese emigrant. The city of Seattle purchased it and it is run by the parks and recreation department.

Kayak under 520 bridge Flowering view Yellow landscape

The arboretum near the Madison neighborhood, across the bridge from the University of WA. is a wonderful place to walk and I spent many afternoons there just walking around and a few times walking from one tip to the other. You can also rent canoes near the U of WA stadium and boat the waters of Lake Washington.

row of beauty outside conservatory

The conservatory at Volunteer park is wonderful. It has a few permanent collections as well as collections that vary with the season. Volunteer park hosts plays in the park, and the next door cemetery is the resting place for Bruce and Brandon Lee.

Lincoln park path to fall Lincoln park fallT

This is Lincoln Park. From first coming to Seattle and looking for a place to be in nature and a feeling of being away from the city, this was my refuge.  It is located near the south end of the West Seattle neighborhood. You can walk along the southern and western path next to the Puget Sound and the Fauntleroy ferry dock, or you can head up the paths to the park above, with woods, playgrounds, baseball fields and a small wading pool.  There are picnic areas scattered throughout.


This is a view of the Experience Music Project, also at the Seattle Center.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Seattle. What are your favorite places in this city?

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