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More Interesting Sights In My Present Neighborhood

I’ve been on my present “leap” journey since Nov. 1, 2012, when I leaped out of Seattle, WA, on faith, thinking I’d be settled somewhere in a month or so. Meanwhile almost 118 weeks later, I’m still “on the road”. I’ve stayed in some homes/hotels/b in b’s for a night, some for a weekend, some for weeks, some for months. I’ve been in OR, No. CA, So. CA, UT and AZ.

Along the way, I’ve always found beauty, something to catch my eye, fill my heart. So here are some more sights I’ve gathered along my walks in my present neighborhood in San Diego, CA.

Many people use more desert plants here and right now there are many succulents flowering. I love the difference in color, texture and shape.

Succulants flowering 9

Succulant flowering 1

Succulant flowering 2

Succulant flowering 7

Succulants flowering 3

Succulants flowering 4

Succulants flowering 5

Succulants flowering 6

Succulants flowering 8

I walked by several poinsettia bushes. I’ve kept them before, after the holidays, as house plants but never seen them as bushes.

Pointsetta bush

One house had a very whimsical but random display of little children’s toys in both their front “flower” beds.

Flower bed play ground

I noticed these lovely garden walls, and enjoyed seeing the textures, and the different shapes.

More borders

Interesting border

It’s always interesting to me to see how people choose to decorate their yard, what kind of adornments they choose, what paths, what plants and colors, etc. I realize that it is a long time investment, so there must be great thought put into the decisions. These two yards are interesting to me. The one seems to speak of the race between the tortoise and the hares and yet there seems to be a chorus of howling wolves to announce the winner, all set amidst the weeds:

The tortoise and the hare judged by the wolves

And this one just had a random, VERY random collection of statues all around the flower bed and behind it was another eagle collection surrounding their American flagpole.

The collection

Then there were these two very different plants that seemed so dramatic and pretty to me. The one reminded me of a hula dancer.

Pretty plant

Hula palm

I walk my host’s dog and have been extending our walks longer and longer and finding new streets to add to our stroll. There is a park at the bottom of our street and it has a dirt path that leads north through a wild area, and onto a street. For a brief moment, I can forget I am in the city and imagine I am in the middle of a forest 🙂

Neighborhood wild space

Hope you have enjoyed my present neighborhood and the fruit of my walks. If you look with eyes to see, you can find beauty everywhere! Thanks for joining me.

Southpark Neighborhood, San Diego, CA

I recently stayed in the South Park area of San Diego.  Growing up,  our San Diego trips consisted almost solely in Pacific beach, Mission beach, Mission bay, with brief trips to Old Town, Mission Valley for shopping, La Jolla for shopping, and rare trips to Tijuana for jai alai games.  What a treat and education it has been to stay all over San Diego county over the last several months, learn the freeways, short cuts, neighborhoods, stores, and flavor of all these places.  I love going more deeply into places, relationships, ideas…creating intimacy and understanding.

Here are some of the places and sights that caught my eye during my neighborhood walks:

This is a whimsical house I found and loved.  I don’t normally think of that word but met the owner and stated, “oh, your house is so” …..and the word whimsical came out.  He said he was a whimsical guy. I could see in his house and his furniture was also whimsical 🙂

Whimsical house

I loved the magic in these big unopened blossoms.


Flower bud 2 Flower bud


These are murals on the side of the Albert Einstein academy, a charter school for higher achieving students.


Mural at school

Mural at school 2

Two great beautiful and big trees.Park next to golf courseHuge tree

This is a view looking west, toward Balboa Park, on a bridge on 30 Street.

View off 30th st. bridge looking west to Balboa park

I like the big rock columns and chimney on this probably 100 year old home.

Columns on house and rock wall

These were a mural on the wall of a neighborhood home.

Mural on house wall 2Mural on house wall

This was a cool mural on a wall, and it had a boulder placed in front of it that fit into the mural scenery and the landscaped yard…very cleaver and creative. Look beyond the bigger boulder with the dark purple plant in front of it, and you’ll see the smaller boulder sitting in front of the mural.

Mural with rock blending in

This was a very strange alley wall on a house. It is a working chalkboard you can write on. I didn’t take a picture of it but they had spray painted some dead and dried large plants in the flowerbed next to the sidewalk, in front of the house.  It was actually very dramatic and strangely lovely.

Side wall to house with chalk board

Hope you have enjoyed this walk with me!  Please share your thoughts and impressions, “like” the post if you do, and if you’d like to join me on more walks and tours, sign up to follow my blog via email, link on the side. You don’t have to be on wordpress to do so.

Photos by Katelon Jeffereys

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