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Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

On March 17th, I visited the Japanese Friendship Garden. I had been there once before but it had been 1 1/2 years ago and there have been several expansions and improvements since I was there last time.

The Japanese Friendship Garden started in 1915 for the Panama-California Exposition, as a Tea house. It has now expanded to 11 acres, still under development. It has a tea house with food and teas, an exhibition building, a koi pond, a Wisteria arbor, a Camilla and Azalea garden, a meditation garden, cherry tree orchards, a stream, bridges, a bonsai display and other features. A new multipurpose building is almost complete and work continues on the canyon area with walkways, a stream, some bridges, meditation areas and a waterfall that is not complete yet. Another building in the works is to be a restaurant and traditional tea house. The plan is to have a pavilion for up to 300 patrons, an amphitheater, and a tea and herb garden.

Here is the entrance to the Japanese Friendship garden:


Here is a sculpture that is near the entrance:


Here is the side of the exhibition building and some of the Bonsai display:


The koi pond is a very popular spot:


This is near the beginning of the trails that lead down into the canyon. I’m glad that I visited while the cherry blossom trees were in bloom. You can see the new multipurpose room down below:


There are many meandering paths throughout the garden, both at the top and into the canyon, with many benches, boulders and places to stop and take in the beauty and peacefulness of this garden:



Here is the stream:


The multipurpose room is almost complete. Here is a view from higher up on the trail and then at the bottom:



This building is further out for completion and will house the restaurant and other features:


You can see the areas that are still under development to create the waterfall and add to the canyon area pond, stream and further gardens:



The Garden has a gift shop and various classes. You can check out their website at:

All in all this is a lovely and peaceful place to visit! Come check it out!

Chopra Center, Carlsbad, CA

Chopra Center


Yesterday I went to visit The Chopra Center, in Carlsbad, CA. This is one of the wellness centers I had researched online a few years ago so I wanted to see it in person. I attempted to set up a tour, also, of the La Costa Resort and Spa, where the Chopra center is housed, but after leaving 3 voice mails with 3 different marketing people, and a voice mail and email with the marketing manager, I received no response and after two weeks gave up. I did drive up and receive a 5 min. tour of the center though. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, nor did they offer for me to grab photos off the website. So if you want pictures, you can look at their website

The draw for this center is of course that it was founded and is run by Deepak Chopra.   He founded this in 1996.  Many of the participants in his classes and workshops stay at La Costa but they also can stay in other local resorts and catch shuttles to the center. I recommend the Park Hyatt Aviara, instead, which I toured yesterday and will soon post pictures of, as they were much more accommodating.

One of the drawing points of this center is that there are classes available online as well as in person, workplace wellness is offered via various teachers trained through the center,  and it offers teaching training to those desiring to be trained in one or all of the tracks they focus upon.  Locals can come to occasional talks they have there, too. The Center offers medical consultations, Ayurveda body treatments, online counseling, retreats, programs and a store at the site and online. There are only 7 treatment rooms but if there are more therapies scheduled, they use the La Costa spa for the overflow.

The Center consists of medical consultation offices, a waiting room, store, two meditation rooms, a classroom, and treatment rooms. That is all.  But their offerings are intended to powerfully immerse participants in full mind-body-spiritual programs for profound transformation and provide tools to take back into daily life and relationships.

A few of the programs I found on the website were as follows:

Music and meditation – 6 or 7 day program cost $2175

Journey into healing -$2075 for a week

Perfect health (their signature program) – $3375 for 6 days (Includes a medical consultation, cooking classes, treatments, classes, meditation, yoga and is available in a 10 day program, too)

Emotional Freedom – 3 day $1175.

There were also various weekend programs mentioned as well.



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