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Optimum Health Institute, Lemon Grove, CA

This is another one of the wellness centers that I researched years ago so it was a treat to finally get to visit.  I have a friend who has worked here before so that gave me an introduction as well. Today I attended their weekly open house, orientation, and meal. Even though I was a visitor and not someone attending their program, I was welcomed just the same. I found everyone there very warm and welcoming.

The program was initially started  as Robert P. Nees, Sr., his wife, Pamela and their friend, Raychel Solomon, met at a class teaching God-centered mental techniques for healing the whole person, taught by Robert’s brother, the Reverend Russell Nees.  Raychel traveled to the Hippocrates of Boston center and learned Essene based dietary and cleansing practices and brought these back to add to the program.  They then created Hippocrates West,  a not for profit mind-body-spiritual healing center.

Soon they recognized the need for a stronger spiritual base so they transferred the assets to The Free Sacred Trinity Church, a Christian church rooted in Essence traditions.  The healing center became a mission of the church and in 1977 the name was changed to the Health Institute of San Diego and then in 1983 it was changed to the Optimum Institute. Although the Institute is connected to this church, they do not hold services and hold space for any and all religious and spiritual traditions.

The center was started in a home and quickly outgrew those facilities and they moved to their present location, which they have expanded over the years.  They have been at their present location for 36 years. They average around 100-120 guests per week.

The focus of this program is to cleanse and nourish the body with diet, fasting, exercise,; quiet and focus the mind with journaling and meditation; and teach the guest tools so they take these healthy practices back into their lives. Although this isn’t a medical facility, many healings have taken place over the years after guests have attended the classes and taken these practices back into their lives, including guests arriving with stage 4 cancer given 2 weeks to live.  The idea is to detox the body/mind/spirit and then give the body what it needs to rebuild a healthy system, not just for a week or month but for a healthy future. People seem to return over and over and some guests end up living on the property and/or returning to work there.

The program is 21 days long and can be attended at one time or a week or two at a time.  There is the CA campus and two in Austin, TX.  There are 40 classes offered per week.

Week 1 -Body/mind/spirit connection

Week 2- Tools for healthier choices

Week 3- Take home skills

The cleansing is done with wheat grass grown on the property and juiced just before use by the guests; enemas, wheat grass implants, and gentle exercise and stretches.  Massage, reiki, reflexology, salt glow body treatment, body wrap, colon hydrotherapy and chiropractic care are available on site as well.

The food is all organic, fresh and raw, some grown on the property.  All the water on the property is filtered and the drinking water is filtered twice and then the ph is balanced, too.Classes are taught in how to prepare the food, too.  Guests are taught how to grow and juice wheat grass.  There are gardens to rest or walk in, a jacuzzi, a pool, a library, a night for movies, a store, a chapel, groups, ceremonies, and Friday night live sharing of talents.   All the guests seemed very honoring and supportive of each other.

The program costs $955.00 per week.  The accommodation prices range from $475-$1195 single occupancy for a room,  $370 and up for a room in a shared townhouse, and $645 for a 2 Bdr. townhouse. I’m assuming these prices are per week.

The dinner meal I shared with them consisted of: Cucumber and tomato salad, Broccoli Salad delight, Humus, Sprouts, Green salad, celery sticks, zucchini sticks and crackers made from dehydrated zucchini slices with some spices. There were salad dressings, various sprouts, lentils, spices and nuts to add to the meal. No salt or sugar is used at all. The entire meal was raw food.

These are pictures of the patios, a courtyard and some rooms.


Patio and rooms Brick courtyard and rooms Bungalow

This is the front lawn and office, the dining room and a lecture room and the door to the chapel for meditation and contemplation.

Office and front lawn Dining room and lecture room Door to chapel


This is the organic gardens and avocado trees, the greenhouse where wheat grass is grown and the memorial garden.

Organic garden Green house Memorial garden


For further information you can check out their website at:


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