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La Jolla, CA visit, Part 2

Hello Friends!

Here is part 2 of my La Jolla visit. After leaving the little church,

I walked down to Prospect St. to the Legends Gallery.  I love their collection.  Their address is 1205 Prospect St. Suite B., La Jolla, CA. 92037. I have written about them before. They have an amazing collection of Dr. Seuss artwork, the lovely art from his famous books and other works as well.  Right now they are also showing whimsical and heartwarming work by Mackenzie Thorpe.  I had seen his work before and was delighted by these new pieces.   A couple of them are definitely going on my wish list:

This one is entitled “You Are My Rock”.  It feels very poignant to me.  I love the stars in the sky. If you are viewing this on a phone, you can click on the photo and enlarge it.
2017-06-22 17.36.04

This next one is called “It’s Magic”.  To me if references the cow who jumped over the moon…but now the cow has cargo and friends 🙂

2017-06-22 17.39.11

As I was walking on the other side of the street, I passed this lovely sculpture that seemed to be a sea enchantress.

2017-06-26 16.27.52

I then headed down toward the water, to Ellen Browning Scripps Park.  There is plenty of trees to sit under and grass to play on, restrooms and a sidewalk that offers a stunning view of the ocean below.  On the large rock, there were numerous birds.

From there I walked south on the sidewalk to the famous La Jolla Cove.  You can walk down on the sand but there are barriers to make sure you don’t disturb the seals. There is a pathway you can walk down that allows you to look in one direction down toward the beach with the seals, and on the other side, look out toward the ocean and rocks below.

2017-06-22 15.58.42

I had taken the photo of this seal on a rock before walking down to take the above photo. On the way back up the walkway, I stopped again to look at the seal and just then it dove into the water. Then, out of what seemed like a small hole behind where he was laying, one after another seals flopped out and then into the ocean, about 5 of them. It was like a magic trick where the magician keeps pulling rabbits out of the hat and you wonder how they all fit in there!

2017-06-22 15.56.45

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of a small part of La Jolla. If you are visiting CA, come check it out!

March 10, 2015 Museum Day

Last Tuesday I headed over to Balboa Park to go to the San Diego History Museum and the Photographic Arts Museum. It was the first time using my new phone and its camera, a Samsung Galaxy 5. My old phone, a Samsung Texting phone model I had used for years and loved, decided to commit suicide by first falling out of my pocket onto the ground and getting chipped for the first time and then, after that, in spite of me putting my hand on my pocket to protect it, jumped out into the toilet…I”M OUT OF HERE!!!

I have resisted the whole big fancy complicated smart phone switch for a long time and I’m still getting used to it, bugging t-mobile salespeople to show me how to do things. During my museum day, I ended up getting 10 or more pictures of each picture, unused to what the camera sounds like when it takes a photo. I’m still figuring out how to deal with the photos once I take them. In my old phone, I’d take out the memory card, put it in my card reader, plug it into my computer, upload them and edit them using the windows software. After an hour yesterday at the t-mobile store, it was finally set up for my pictures to end up on my memory card but unless I go through the whole taking the card out of the camera process, I couldn’t get the windows photo editing option to show up just uploading the photos using the USB cord. So if anyone knows how to do that or has any suggestions, please let me know. Even the photos I did edit and save after using my old card reader solution and the windows software, still ending up turned clockwise instead of upright like how I saved them, so I’m not sure what is going on. I know this phone will take me awhile to just learn the basics. I was used to a small phone I could just stash in my pocket and go out for a walk or hike, without any concern or disaster until last Sunday.

Ok…on to the museums. I had seen a showing of Dr. Seuss’s original lithographs and more unknown paintings months ago at a small gallery in La Jolla. There were wonderful lithographs in that show that weren’t at this show at the History Museum. This show though is wonderful for those Dr. Seuss fans who missed that show. It is definitely set up for children with hands on activities in each section and invites participation. The cost of the museum is normally $10. On the second Tues. of the month it is free to “residents” and the cost of the Dr. Seuss exhibit is $5 extra.

The first photo is the entrance to the museum:

1 Entrance to San Diego History Museum

Here are some photos of this exhibit:

Dr. Seuss was introduced to taxidermy early on and came up with very whimsical displays:

2 Dr. Seuss taxidermy

This was the environmental section dedicated to the book “The Lorax” :

3 Dr. Seuss The Lorax

This painting of “The Prayer for the Child” is well known and has the prayer posted below it:

4 Dr. Seuss prayer for the child

The art work from “The Cat in the Hat” was part of the literacy section:

5 Dr. Seuss Cat in a hat

“Horton Hears a Who” was part of the community section:

6 Dr. Seuss Horton hears a Who

“The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” was in another section with children’s activities7 Dr. Seuss The Grinch Who Stole Christmas:

There was a display of art done during his art deco period:

8 Dr. Seuss Art Deco Period

There was a display of art showing the cat behind the cat in the hat:

9 Dr Seuss The Cat behind the hat

All over Balboa park this year are exhibitions focused on celebrating the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. There were huge wall murals, photo below, a build your own block activity for children, many old photos of that exposition, maps and other displays.

10 100 year exposition history

Other exhibits were “Masterworks: Art of the Exposition Era” ( I took one photo there but was told I wasn’t allowed to do so); “Place of Promise: The Story of San Diego new and improved” which has displays and information of San Diego’s history from 10,000 BCE until just before the 1915 exposition; “Presidio to Pacific Powerhouse”, a display about how San Diego has been a military town since 1774. This display gave me an intense headache and cut my museum day short; and a section showcasing art from local artists, and now for sale. I instinctively new that an artist I know personally had art in the display and yep, here it is, paintings by Paul Strahm:

11 Paul Strahm paintings

In spite of my increasing headache, I stayed to watch the 30 minute film ” Balboa park: The Jewel of San Diego:”, a very interesting film about it’s inception and history.

I briefly went into the Photographic Arts Museum just west of the History museum:

12 Museum of Photographic Arts

I didn’t take pictures as I wasn’t sure anymore what I was allowed to take pictures of and what I wasn’t supposed to photograph. There was an interesting room with various displays. One of them was like a mirror, so you could see myself in it, but also imposed on it was thousands of tiny 1 by 1 inch photos of others, informing me that 99% of our genetics is the same as everyone else, so in truth, we really are all One. The main exhibit is titled “7 billion Others” a multimedia exhibit containing over 6000 individual interviews from people in 84 countries by nearly 20 directors. There was a main viewing room and several smaller rooms where you can sit and watch and listen. I watched the Martin Sheen interview. You can also become part of the exhibit and put in your story.

Another display was a beautiful gathering of photographs taken by Hendrick Kerstens of his daughter, taken over 20 years. His photographs are set up to look like traditional paintings not only in the lighting but the pose and costume but done with day to day objects. For example, to make a collar like the old time collars, he used a large stack of white paper dollies around his daughter’s neck. In another photo, to make it look like the old time hats, he used aluminum foil and in another a white plastic bag. But his daughter, with big beautiful eyes and her serious facial expressions looks just like old time traditional painting subjects.

I briefly walked through the Botanical Garden building, with a special display of various orchids, adding to their large collection, hoping to undo the headache so I could extend my Balboa park visit but it didn’t work, so I headed home.

But…there are always other days!!! Hope you enjoyed walking with me today. If you are in San Diego, come check it out. lists the activities scheduled for each day and much more information.

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