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Balboa Park December Nights….Nativity Scenes!

Ok…last Balboa Park December Nights post 🙂

These are photos of the Nativity Scenes, set up at the Organ Pavilion at the park, maintained by the Community Christmas Committee.









The December Nights celebration is so mindful of honoring all cultures and religions so I’m glad to see they don’t shy away from having these Nativity Scenes.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my December Nights series!

Happy Holidays everyone, however and whatever you celebrate!

May this holiday season truly usher in a new wave of Peace, Love, Abundance, Cooperation and Joy throughout the world. May we truly know that we are ONE!

Balboa Park December Nights….Poinsettia Display!

Ok….December Nights post 4!

The Botanical Building had its 29th annual Poinsettia Display. It was beautiful. Here’s some photos I took. Hope you enjoy them!







Balboa Park December Nights….Evergreen Tree display!

The San Diego Floral Association had a display, in the Casa del Prado room 101, of 30 decorated trees and 10 artistic floral arrangements. These displays were to celebrate eras or events since the 1915 Panama California Exposition. The Floral association often has various plant and flower displays on the weekends, in room 101. So check it out!

Here are photos of the various trees, who decorated them and the theme if I knew it. ( sorry some photos aren’t crisp):


San Diego Bonsai Club, two decorated Bonsai trees.


I forgot to write down the name of the school who decorated this tree. The theme was pictures of students and ornaments that stated the countries of their heritage.


San Diego Bromeliad Society. This tree was decorated with various Bromeliad plants.


Chula Vista Garden Club, Elvis and Rock music.


Grant School.


Ramon Garden Club, farm, turkeys, garden…very old fashioned looking.


I think this was from the International House/UN house, centered around peace and unity.


Mission Hills Garden Club. There were Barbie dolls dressed like mermaids, butterflies and other whimsical decorations.


San Diego Botanic Garden.


Point Loma Garden Club had a Kate Sessions theme. Kate was a main force behind the expansion of the vegetation in the park.


Village Garden Club of La Jolla had a Dr. Seuss theme. He lived in La JaJolla and many of his scenes and plants/trees in his books represent the area and other places in San Diego county.


Bonita Valley Garden Club, the Swing era.


Friends of Balboa Park San Diego Zoo, had an animal theme.


These Disney themed trees were at the beginning of the displays.

I didn’t take pictures of all the trees. It was a sweet holiday treat to see all these decorated trees.

Hope you got a chance to see these lovely trees. If not, come check out the display next year 🙂

Balboa Park December Nights….the daytime!

Ok…part two Balboa Park December Nights.

The park was filled with performances from noon until the closing time close to 12:00. I was only there until 5:30.

I spent quite a bit of time just walking from the north to the south, east to west and back again and again and ……. I was quite restless being around so many people, but I sure got in my exercise for the day. Whew!!!

There were several stages set up to host the various groups. I seemed to end up at the Botanical Garden stage more than the others.


This is the Classic Divas getting set up.


Later on the Aspire Tap group started with a droopy toy theme that picked up as the dance went on.


And lastly the Victorian Christmas Carolers, who had very sweet voices and pretty outfits.


The Bon Temps Social Club and Gator by the Bay, had a stage on the California Plaza, the main plaza area, with music and dancing all afternoon and evening.


The Casa del Prado Patio had dancing going on most of the time, with various performances from the Park and Recreation Dept. classes. It was so packed that I gave up attempting to watch anything there.


The Palisades stage had performances and it was set up on the east side of the Sports museum.

I watched two performances at the Organ Pavilion:


I caught the end of the Expressions Dance and movement group (no photo), and it was fun to see the young girls dressed up in their dance outfits post performance. There were lots of proud parents.

My favorite group of the day was Colegio Ingles, (in above photo) a large group from Mexico. There was a youth choir and then younger children dressed up in various colorful costumes, for each song, performing simple dance movements.


You could dress up and have your photo taken.


You could ride carnival rides.


You could have your face painted for free by this lovely young lady, which is the first thing I did at the start of the events.


In addition to many food booths run by local organizations, there were fair vendors everywhere you walked.


There were food trucks with varied cuisine. There were also the normal Balboa Park restaurants and cafes open, along with food booths set up next to and within the International Cottages area, so you could find food from almost any country.


There was even the International Spirits area that opened at 3:00 pm, offering Spirits to those who imbibe.


The SWEA offered various crafts, candy, food and chocolate for sale in the California Quadrangle. I looked for Swedish Meatballs but couldn’t find them.


I even passed a bride and groom having their wedding photos taken, with all the wedding party looking on. I don’t know if they had the wedding there or just came for the photo op.

There was so much more going on…..a young man I’d seen at the beach, who played awesome blues guitar, using only his feet, as he had no arms; people offering sketches, balloon animals, playing various instruments for change; a magician doing magic shows; all the artists at Spanish Village selling their wares; and of course many Santa stations all over the park for those who wanted their photo taken with Santa.

Fun for all ages!

Balboa Park December Nights …the lights!

On Dec. 5, and Dec. 6, Balboa park held their 38th annual December Nights celebration. It started at 3 on Friday and noon on Sat. I first read about it while visiting San Diego in 2003. I couldn’t figure out how to get there at the time so didn’t go. Since I was in town last year, I attempted to go but again couldn’t figure out parking and ended up driving home. This year, I researched it so that I could find parking.

I was up early at 4:30 that morning, so kind of sleepy all day but I’m glad I went. I arrived early at 10:30, to park in the free Zoo parking, which put me only a short walk to the main festivities. As I arrived so early, I just walked around to watch the set up, and since I wanted to see the lights, I stayed until after dark to see the park lit up. I walked around for about 5 hours, sat or stood and watched some of the performances, ate some junk (hot dog wrapped in bacon with Mexican style sauteed veggies with it, kettle corn) and some healthy fruit snacks I took, too. I’m glad I went and glad I had the stamina to keep going all day.

I saw so much that I decided to divide my posts into 5 posts. If you are ever in San Diego for this event, check it out!

I’m starting with the lights!


I started walking west toward the plaza at sunset. On both sides of the avenue, the buildings had trees out of lights on top.


Here is the sun setting lighting the California Tower and casting a beautiful glow on the Plaza.


The main plaza had these lights strung across it and this lit up tower.


I loved this snowflake cast on the California Tower, and the lit up street welcoming the thousands of visitors. People were pouring into the park for the night activities.


Here are some lovely snowflakes shining on the Botanical building.


The organ pavilion looked magical lit up in lights.




These were light displays set up on the east side of the zoo. I walked past them on my way back to my car.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these photos! Thanks for joining me.

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