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I have been following Paul’s wonderful blog for a long time. I grew up in AZ and have hiked and traveled around much of the state. He still finds places I haven’t been and some I haven’t heard of. His posts are well written, with great tips, suggestions and directions. He’s publishing a new book highlighting a bucket list of where to hike in AZ. He is also having an upcoming drawing to give away copies of the book. There is still time to enter the drawing. And be sure to check out his blog whether you live in AZ or just visit! Your time will be well spent!

Arizona Bucket List book guides you to 50 must-see natural wonders in the Grand Canyon State

Comments on: "Reblog for Wonderful book coming out and drawing for the book!" (2)

  1. That’s very kind, Katelon. It’s a labor of love. Never gets old. Thank you for your continuous support since the early days when I had no clue what I was doing. 🙂

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    • My pleasure Paul! I’ve enjoyed your blog from the beginning of following you. I’m not in AZ right now but have spent so much time exploring there and growing up there.


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