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On a visit to lovely Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, I walked along the lake following the Centennial Trail both east and west of downtown.  From the west, the trail follows the river, goes past the University, the city park, Coeur d’Alene resort and marina, the library, through neighborhoods and then next to the golf course, the East part of the CDA resort, past another marina and on.  What I’ve enjoyed most about these walks, besides the beauty of the landscape, is how friendly everyone is, from young to old, with most people smiling or saying hello.  This is quite different than my experience in Spokane, WA.    So….join me on this walk and take in the beauty along with me!

2019-04-10 14603193022..jpg

photos by Katelon T Jeffereys

This is the Sherman Fort Chapel, built in 1880.  There are other original buildings on the North Idaho College campus.  This one is next to it.

2019-04-10 142017543881..jpg

This is a view from the trail, looking south to Coeur d’Alene Lake.

2019-04-10 14900738524..jpg

The Rotary Bandstand is in the city park. I found this wonderful sign on a wall of the bandstand.

2019-04-10 141127810819..jpg

This is a part of the marina.  On the left of the photo you can see a bit of Tubbs Hill, a wonderful hill with trails.  You can access this hill from the west side, seen here and the east side. 

2019-04-10 141679491838..jpg

This was taken on the trail of Tubbs Hill that I had accessed from the East trailhead.  It is wonderful to hike as it is short, right next to the downtown and yet it feels like you are miles away from a town.  I just noticed the heart shaped light area showing among the shadows on the trail.  🙂

These sweet reflection photos were taken along the trail east of downtown.

Thanks for joining me on this walk.  Come check out this wonderful town.  I love that it is small, easy to get around, has many restaurants, little shops, art galleries, and during the summer months there are many concerts. 


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