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Fall Beauty… My Favorite Season!

In San Diego, there were always some fall leaves but not really a very obvious fall, So being on this long road trip afforded me some occasional sightings of fall leaves on trees alongside the road or off in the distance and occasionally on trees lining the rare mountains I drove past. Most of the drive was brown, beige and more brown.

I stayed the third night of my long road trip from San Diego to Spokane, in Baker City, OR.  I went for a walk past store fronts to tree lined streets and by a pretty park filled with stunning color.


Today I went for a long walk in Spokane and enjoyed all the various forms of Fall color along the way:






I hope you have enjoyed these two walks. Thanks for joining me! I keep you in mind as I explore.

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love, katelon

Independence, CA

I just finished a long road trip from San Diego, CA to Spokane, WA.  I divided the trip into 4 days, spending 5 1/2 to 7 hours on the road each day between driving hours and rest/gas stops.  I was led to an eastern route along 15, 215, 395, 95, 84, 90 and a few other numbers thrown in there from time to time.

The first night on the road, I spent at Independence, CA.   When I first drove through town, looking for the Independence Courthouse motel, I thought the town looked deserted, with older buildings.  But the motel provided a nice Walking tour guide to the town, and the next morning I started out early to walk around some before getting into the car and driving for hours.   I’m glad I did as I changed my opinion and valued that the town had decided to maintain its historic buildings and celebrate it rather than tear it down for gloss and tourists.

Independence is the county seat of Inyo county.  It started originally north of town as a camp and then Fort, during the pioneer days,  It is on highway 395, 41 miles southeast of Bishop, CA.  It sits at 3,930 feet, with warm summers, cool winters and high desert landscape.  It is a refueling place for those hiking the Pacific Coast Trail from Mexico to Canada, is close to Yosemite and Sequoia National Forest, Mt. Whitney, John Muir Wilderness, all along the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the west, and Death Valley to the east.  Hiking, fishing and sight seeing abound here.  This town is small with a 2010 population of 669. The town is also close to Manzanar, which was a “relocation” center for Japanese US citizens during World War 2 (ie: internment camp).

Sierra Nevada to the West….


….and Death Valley and more mountains to the East.



So come along and I’ll take you on my walk with me,

The Motel ( a sweet, clean, no frills small town motel) is on N. Edwards street, the main street in town.  It is across the street from the Inyo County Courthouse, circa 1922, the 4th courthouse to be used.  The first was lost in the 1872 earthquake, the 2nd destroyed by fire, the third outgrown by the early 1922’s.


All photos by Katelon T Jeffereys

I passed this wonderful Victorian looking building. I’m not sure if it is a refurbished historic building or just made to look like one. It was up for lease and it looks like such a great place for a B and B, restaurant, etc.


Turning right onto W. Market street, I passed by these lovely CA Coastal Live Oak Trees.


The next historic site was the home of Mary Austin, circa 1902, still on W. Market St. .   In 1903 she wrote the book ” The Land of Little Rain”, a classic collection of sketches patterned on life between the Sierra Nevada and Death Valley.


Across the street from that house stands a giant Sequoia, which gets decorated for Christmas each year.


I continued walking along W. Market and walked by this old Railroad car


….past this sweet little creek, Independence Creek


and took this great shot of Onion Valley Road heading into the Sierra Nevada mountains.


I walked back up W. Market a few blocks and turned right onto N. Webster, then headed east on W. Kearsarge St.  to walk by the Camp Independence Hospital building, reconstructed at its present site in 1887.  Many of these old buildings are now private residences.


I continued walking east on W. Kearsarge and by the old commercial building now containing the Still Life Cafe.  No restaurants were open the night I was there so it was bring along food for dinner for me.


And lastly, I stopped to see the oldest building in Independence, the Edwards house , cica 1865, also on W. Market street.  It was originally built with adobe and later covered with siding.



I took this last photo on my way out of town, another shot of the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains.


Hope you enjoyed our walk and your introduction to Independence, CA.  Come check it out! 

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love, katelon

Thanks to Wikipedia and the wonderful “Discover Independence” Walking tour booklet produced by the Independence Civic Club and Friends of the Eastern California Museum.



Dog Beach, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

I had stayed away from Dog Beach as I’d heard criticism of it as a dog poop infested place.  I wish I had checked it out sooner rather that in the last several weeks of my San Diego stay.  I loved the place.  I had been caring for a small Silkie dog and took her a couple times then went back alone, my last week in San Diego.

The beach is located at the end of Voltaire street, and is at the north end of Ocean beach. There is plenty of parking.  You can access the beach by just walking down to the ocean and following the coast line around, or you can head out north, across a wide stretch of beach and head to the shore of the San Diego river, which runs into the ocean. 

I loved that this beach had more activity on it than other beaches, because of course all the dogs are interacting, or most of them, and people were friendly and respectful.  Some people were swimming with their dogs in the river, playing games of fetch, walking along the ocean and river or just relaxing on the sand as their dogs had fun.

2018-10-18 18.01.32.jpg

Photos by Katelon T Jeffereys

I’m not sure but I think that the  part of Dog Beach that is next to the San Diego river runs quite a ways east.  I walked it for quite a ways, but not to the end of it.

2018-10-18 17.59.46.png

There is a barrier that runs along the San Diego River on the North side of it, that separates it from the bay area that opens up to the ocean..  Boats travel on the bay side of the barrier but not the river side.

So if you are vacationing in San Diego, leave your Pacific/Mission beach digs and come check out Dog Beach, Ocean beach area.  And if you are a SD resident, come give it a try. If you walk south along the beach, beyond the dog beach, you will find quaint shops and restaurants.  There are places to stay in Ocean Beach, too, if you desire to stay somewhere different than the normal Mission/Pacific beach areas.

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love, katelon




See the Sea Condo Vacation Rentals

Hello All,

I spotted these condos several years ago and was intrigued with them.  Many of the units have balconies facing the ocean, they are next to the boardwalk, on Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA, close to restaurants and shops, have miles of beach and boardwalk to walk/bike/scooter/skateboard and have great energy.

Front of Building next to the boardwalk.

2018-10-12 16-1.51.22.jpg

All photos by Katelon T Jeffereys

South side of Condo building. I was on the fourth floor, both balconies east of the corner unit were mine.

2018-09-27 15.56.36.jpg
I had been emailing Holly, whose family owns 11 of them, for years.  Wow, what a patient woman!  I’d think I finally was going to have the funds to visit, would write her about availability and nope…not enough funds.  So when I finally decided to treat myself several weeks ago, communicating with her was a breeze.  She immediately emailed back and gave me a list of what was available, what dates they were available and the details on each condo available each week. Once I’d made a decision on the week, she sent me numerous pictures of the place.
  Check in was a breeze.  Holly remained helpful throughout the stay, even allowing I and another couple to visit other vacating condos at the end of the week, so we could check out the differences between them and make notes of favorites for a return visit.  Many visitors return year after year.  The other woman stated that Holly had been quite patient with her, too, while she requested photos of condo after condo so she could make a decision about which to rent.  The price is great compared to many of the beach rentals.

Here I am just arriving, in a rare selfie.  You can see the colorful dining table, white leather couch, new ceiling fan, and a reflection of the entry way in the mirrored living room wall.

2018-10-12 17.19.54.jpg

Here are a few photos of the pretty King size bed, in the Master bedroom.  The colors of the condo and decor were all beachy turquoise and white.  I’m picky about beds, and travel with foam if I’m in my car and this bed was so comfy, it was great without it.  It was soothing to sleep with the sound of the ocean right outside my room and to sit in bed and see the ocean out the window and sliding glass door. There’s a photo of the dresser, and the SW facing balcony.  The combo tub/shower bathroom and closet were next to the bedroom.

2018-10-12 16.49.34.jpg

2018-10-12 16-1.48.19.jpg

2018-09-27 15.53.44.jpg

Here’s a photo of a peek into the full kitchen. It had a window opening to the corridor and courtyard. The courtyard has a Jacuzzi, and lounge chairs facing the boardwalk and ocean.  The photo also again shows the cute dining room table and living room. There was a broom closet, a wet bar area, fully stocked kitchen with all you’d need to cook with, and each room had it’s own TV.  There is a balcony off the living room, too.

2018-09-27 15.54.28.jpg

2018-10-12 16.45.31.jpg

The second bedroom had two twins that could be made up as a king bed, a closet filled with boogie boards, sand toys, a beach umbrella, coolers, and there were beach towels, too….all you’d need for your fun in the sun.  The second bathroom had a shower. 

On the north side of the buildings was Kono’s for breakfast or lunch. The food is inexpensive, tastes great and there is always a line, but it moves quickly. Kono’s has patios you can sit on outside, inside tables and there is grass outside to the west, too.  The pier is right to the west for strolling or fishing.

2018-09-27 15.57.13.jpg

A few store fronts to the east of Kono’s, is Pacific Bean.  It won the coffee taste test over Starbucks.  The Barista was a very friendly young Italian man.  I had a Mexican Chocolate coffee that came with chocolate whipped cream. Yum!!!

2018-09-27 15.58.06.jpg

And of course, here’s the beach you come to San Diego to enjoy!

20180129_134021-1.jpgSo if you’re going to be visiting San Diego, I suggest you check out Holly’s listing.  Her photos are much higher quality than mine, too:

You won’t be disappointed.  I ran into a couple women who had rented one of the other condos from Airbnb, had paid more than I had paid and they didn’t have a view. The owner hadn’t even oriented them to the laundry room and other features of the complex. There is garage parking, elevators and two sand showers in the garage, one on each side.  It is a secure building.

Thanks for reading and joining me on this trip.  If you liked reading this, “like” it, leave a comment and join in the conversation, and sign up to follow the blog for more walks, adventures, reviews and special places 🙂

Love, katelon





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