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2017-12-03 19.06.16.jpg

Interesting Plant

I’ve seen these plants in many yards along my path. I’m not sure if it is a cactus or a succulent.   I love how it flowers.  There is a house I walk by, situated on a corner lot, that has a row of them around their yard.  It’s amazing to me how tall they grow.

2018-02-08 11.44.03.jpg

Here are a couple more photos of the flowers.

I love the variety of beauty that nature provides.  It is time that humans embrace and accept this variety and diversity in other humans as well 🙂

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Pretty Little Spring-like Flowers!

2018-02-06 20.13.56.jpg

I walked by these flowers the other day and had to stop and get a closer look and smell them.  They look like a miniature Daffodil but smell sweet like a Paper White flower.  They are tiny…only a little over an inch from petal tip to petal tip.

2018-02-06 20.15.21.jpg

Aren’t they sweet ?

2018-02-06 20.17.34.jpg

Hope you are seeing beauty wherever you are located 🙂

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