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Hibiscus Flowers!

I noticed so many varieties and colors of Hibiscus flowers along my walking paths.  Here are photos of two from the same bush.

2017-09-19 13.00.57

Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys

2017-09-19 13.02.00

Photos by Katelon T Jeffereys

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Love, katelon


Flowers Along My Walks…….

Hello!  I love seeing all the various beautiful flowers along my walking paths, so much color and beauty, variety of size and shape. I rarely know the names of them, so if you do, please leave a comment.  I just refer to them as pretty purple, stunning yellow…. 🙂 All photos taken with my phone camera.

2017-08-24 20-1.43.38

No name Yellow 🙂  photo by Katelon T Jeffereys

2017-09-14 09.32.00

Sunflower next to a little beach area cafe. Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys

2017-08-24 20-1.45.16

Plumeria Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys

2017-09-18 19.12.00

This might be an Hibiscus as the leaves looked the same as the Hibiscus next to it, but not sure.  Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys

Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the beauty along my walking paths.

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Love, katelon

Dinh Thanh Temple, San Diego, CA

I’ve driven by this interesting home numerous times but never stopped to see it. The other day, I was up at Clairemont Square and decided to walk back to Clairemont Drive and Burgener Drive.  I ended up walking by this place so stopped to take pictures.  I looked it up online and according to their Facebook Page, it is a restaurant and Temple, although their FB page hasn’t been updated since 2016, so I don’t know its status now.  But it certainly stands out amidst other gray, beige, white and plainer houses on the same street 🙂

It is located at 4252 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, 92117. If you drive by it you can’t miss it as the yellow walls and red trim stand out much more than the photos show. 

Here are 3 photos of the place.  Enjoy!

2017-09-11 13.10.31

2017-09-11 13.12.34

2017-09-11 13.08.34

Interesting Murals Near Old Town San Diego, CA

Hello All,

I was walking west on Taylor Street the other day, walking from the bus/trolley area, and noticed these beautiful murals painted underneath the I-8 and I-5 overpass.

2017-09-05 21.05.15

This one honors the five branches of service.

2017-09-05 21.07.46

This one depicts the San Diego river.

2017-09-05 21.06.34

This one celebrates Old Town San Diego.

2017-09-05 21.09.16

This one depicts the Coronado Bridge.

I love how San Diego has so much street art around the city. Come check it out!

Thanks for walking with me!

Passion Flowers!

2017-09-04 20.22.44

2017-09-04 20.24.07

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