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Weeks ago,  I went to the Mingei Museum, at Balboa Park, in San Diego, CA. They had this wonderful display entitled ” Made in America: Craft Icons of the 50 States.”.  It was a wonderful display and I have some photos to share with you.  Please come check it out if you are in the area.  February is 1/2 off museum month and you can pick up a pass at any Macy’s store during the month of Feb..

I also went to the Museum of Art and loved their “The Art of Music” exhibit.

Here are some photos I took:

The first one is a “Signature Quilt”.


Here is a close up view. I thought perhaps each person had signed the quilt piece and then the signature was embroidered, but then realized that the penmanship was the same for all the signatures.


The next quilt is another signature quilt.



The third quilt is another signature quilt made by Elizabeth Dorks Nettle in 1891.



Next is a photo of an Oglala Lakota Beaded Vest made in 1928 at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  And a beaded cradle board made by Todd Yellow Cloud in 1993, at Pine Ridge.


This lovely Navajo Yei’s Vessel was made by Mary Holiday Black, in 2007, in Monument Valley.


This is a Navajo rug made in 1910-1920, “Corn with Birds.” The Dough bowl is a late 20th century beauty made at the Santa Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico. 


This is just a small sampling of this extensive exhibit, plus, there are several other exhibits at the museum, so come check it out.








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