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The San Diego Floral Association had a display, in the Casa del Prado room 101, of 30 decorated trees and 10 artistic floral arrangements. These displays were to celebrate eras or events since the 1915 Panama California Exposition. The Floral association often has various plant and flower displays on the weekends, in room 101. So check it out!

Here are photos of the various trees, who decorated them and the theme if I knew it. ( sorry some photos aren’t crisp):


San Diego Bonsai Club, two decorated Bonsai trees.


I forgot to write down the name of the school who decorated this tree. The theme was pictures of students and ornaments that stated the countries of their heritage.


San Diego Bromeliad Society. This tree was decorated with various Bromeliad plants.


Chula Vista Garden Club, Elvis and Rock music.


Grant School.


Ramon Garden Club, farm, turkeys, garden…very old fashioned looking.


I think this was from the International House/UN house, centered around peace and unity.


Mission Hills Garden Club. There were Barbie dolls dressed like mermaids, butterflies and other whimsical decorations.


San Diego Botanic Garden.


Point Loma Garden Club had a Kate Sessions theme. Kate was a main force behind the expansion of the vegetation in the park.


Village Garden Club of La Jolla had a Dr. Seuss theme. He lived in La JaJolla and many of his scenes and plants/trees in his books represent the area and other places in San Diego county.


Bonita Valley Garden Club, the Swing era.


Friends of Balboa Park San Diego Zoo, had an animal theme.


These Disney themed trees were at the beginning of the displays.

I didn’t take pictures of all the trees. It was a sweet holiday treat to see all these decorated trees.

Hope you got a chance to see these lovely trees. If not, come check out the display next year 🙂

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