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Hello all… Richard of inspired me to check something out at Balboa Park.

Spanish Village is a group of studios, in the Northeast part of Balboa Park, where artists of all mediums make and sell art.  Right now they have a mixed media display to celebrate the Centennial being celebrated at Balboa Park.  Each piece represents a different art style of the last 100 years.  I took photos of the various pieces.

I started my visit there by noticing this lovely tree with such pretty variegated leaves:


The first  piece represents the style called “steampunk”:


Next was “Cubism”.  I love the frog near the bottom of the piece:


This  represents the 1930’s Work Progress Administration that provided work for artists during the depression:


The next one I took photos of the front and back. It is “psychedelic”.  It has a double kaleidoscope on it.



The next one represents “Abstract Expressionism” :

The next one is ” Photo realism” :


The next one is “minimalism” :


And the last one is “Graffiti”:


Hope you enjoyed this.  There was a fair amount of shade that day so the photos aren’t the clearest, but hopefully you got an idea of the beauty and creativity of the artists. I invite you to go check out the display and all the beautiful offerings in the Village.

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