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Dance Through the Decades of Art, Spanish Village, Balboa Park

Hello all… Richard of inspired me to check something out at Balboa Park.

Spanish Village is a group of studios, in the Northeast part of Balboa Park, where artists of all mediums make and sell art.  Right now they have a mixed media display to celebrate the Centennial being celebrated at Balboa Park.  Each piece represents a different art style of the last 100 years.  I took photos of the various pieces.

I started my visit there by noticing this lovely tree with such pretty variegated leaves:


The first  piece represents the style called “steampunk”:


Next was “Cubism”.  I love the frog near the bottom of the piece:


This  represents the 1930’s Work Progress Administration that provided work for artists during the depression:


The next one I took photos of the front and back. It is “psychedelic”.  It has a double kaleidoscope on it.



The next one represents “Abstract Expressionism” :

The next one is ” Photo realism” :


The next one is “minimalism” :


And the last one is “Graffiti”:


Hope you enjoyed this.  There was a fair amount of shade that day so the photos aren’t the clearest, but hopefully you got an idea of the beauty and creativity of the artists. I invite you to go check out the display and all the beautiful offerings in the Village.

Balboa Park Administration Grounds and more……

I follow a wonderful blog  and a year ago or so, Richard posted pictures of some pretty fountains he had found near the Balboa Park Administration building. It is on the east side of Park Ave., across the street from the main Balboa park buildings and museums.  I finally went there the other day to explore and here are pictures of my journey.

Here is a picture of the administration building. Somehow, both my photos chopped off some of the top 🙂


Then I walked around the back and found several walkways with these lovely Moorish rounded structures:


I loved this fountain and took a picture of the fountain and also the inside of the fountain:



There were tiled benches all along the many walkways:


Richard had talked of a kind of hidden pool he had found so I explored and found it, too.  It was a pool used for the Navy men when they had stayed at the Navy hospital that is now the administration building (I think?):


Here is a closer look at the sweet statue in the middle.  The pool had lovely tiled benches surrounding the pool, too.:


I walked down this lovely tree lined street that led to the Recreation center:


The building next to the administration building is the Veteran’s Museum and Memorial Center. Outside of it and to the west, is another lovely fountain.  It honors Brigadier General Robert L. CardenasHere is a statue of him, the fountain with a statue of a  WWII B-24 Liberator plane and the inside of the fountain:




I hope you have enjoyed this little tour. Go check it out yourself. You can park in the parking lot, walk around and you can also catch the free tram that will take you over to the main part of Balboa Park.  Enjoy!

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