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Last Saturday I went to Balboa Park for the 12th Annual San Diego Tartan Day Festival. It started at 11:00 am and I got there about 1:20. It was held on the stage amongst the International Cottages on the West side of the park, just east of the Automotive Museum and Hall of Champions.

Before I got there, there were the opening ceremonies, the House of Scotland Pipe Band, the Marching of Colors by the Scottish American Military group, Dan Decker playing Scottish Folk music, the San Diego District Tartan, and the San Diego School of Highland Dancing.

There was quite a crowd watching and occasionally someone dancing. A cute little 2 year old girl was bouncing right along in time with the music. I loved listening to the various Scottish accents all around.

I was there for the Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band, the House of Scotland Ceilidh Band, the Royal Scottish Country Dancers and the closing ceremonies. I took videos for the first time, using my new phone and made you tubes of them so I could post them. They turned out ok but with black bands on each side. I’m not sure if it is because of me holding the camera straight up instead of sideways or what. If anyone can tell me, please let me know. I was a little shaky in the holding of the phone, so please excuse me 🙂

This is part of a song by the Cameron Highlander’s Pipe Band

This is a song by the House of Scotland Ceilidh Band

This is a part of a dance by the Royal Scottish Country Dancers

There were several booths there. Some had things for sale, some was about history and information and to encourage membership. Here are some photos of these.

Scottish bag pipe 015

Scottish bag pipe 009

Scottish bag pipe 012

Scottish bag pipe 013

Scottish bag pipe 014

In the house of Scotland there were numerous baked goods for sale. I had a piece of the shortbread.

Scottish bag pipe 010

There was also the food booth where Meat Pies, Bangers (pork and beef pie), Haggis sausage, and some drinks were for sale. I had the meat pie with gravy and onions. I forgot to take a picture of it. It was very yummy!!

Scottish bag pipe 011

Every Sunday there is a different country featured from 2:00- 3:00, with performances, booths and food. This coming Sat. is an English Festival. I’m hoping to go check that out.

I go to Balboa Park often (as you can tell by my posts), but never tire of it’s beautiful architecture, celebration of various cultures, beautiful landscape, street musicians (I love the Cello guy), great unique things for sale and people from all over the world wandering around. Come check it out.

Comments on: "12th Annual San Diego Tartan Day Festival" (3)

  1. You saw lots more cool stuff than me! That’s weird about the black bands–no idea what caused that!

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    • Thanks! Yes, I noticed by your post that you got there late. I am finding that the online calendar isn’t accurate. I have found different prices from the site vs. individual websites for the park; the calendar showed that the Scottish festival was on until 4:00 pm.

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    • There is an English one this Sat.

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