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Spring has come to San Diego and Balboa Park. I love walking by all the flowers and smelling the ones that have a scent.

Last Sat. evening I attended an art opening at Studio 21, in Spanish Village. The exhibition was entitled “Art…it’s elemental”. This was an all members show. Each member was given the same size board and one of four elements…earth, air, fire, water. That was the starting point and from there inspiration and creativity sprung forth. There were a variety of techniques from sculptures, watercolor, mixed media, papers, tiles, photographs and others. I didn’t want to take pictures of the art work due to copyright. I did however wander outside to take pictures of some flowers in the planter boxes in the Spanish Village. 4 of them are Freesia…my favorite scent and 1 of an Amaryllis. If you have the time, go check out the art show. It will be there until April 13th.

4. more multi color freesia

3 various color freesia

5 more white freesia

2 white freesia

1 amarylis

Then on Tuesday, I met a friend at the park and we wandered through the rose garden and the succulent garden. Here are some photos of the roses.







Then we wandered over to the Botanical Building to see the various orchids displayed throughout the building.





Thanks for joining me on this flower journey. If you are in San Diego, please check out the Spanish Village and all its art studios. There are artists at work, many mediums, lovely pieces for sale. Also, check out the Rose garden and succulent gardens on the east side of Park Ave. across the street from the big fountain and the Fleet Science Center. The Botanical building is always fun to walk through, and there are often musicians set up outside, between the building and the pretty long pool in front of the building.

Happy Spring everyone!

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  1. Reblogged this on Empower and Balance and commented:

    Everything is lined up for the full and complete surrender of the dark, transfer of power to the light, and full shift into the light and all that entails. While we are waiting for that special moment, when the scales tip and those in charge move forward to complete this process….let us take in the beauty of nature in springtime. Let us focus on beauty blooming, wonderful scents filling the air, the softness and comfort of the sunshine and spring breezes. Let us hold that intention and focus and bring forth the full blooming of humanity and this planet!

    Much love to all who are working so hard and so intently to assist in the rebirth of Oneness for all!

    love, katelon


  2. So many flowers, so little time! 🙂

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  3. Beautiful post, Katelon! (((HUGS))) Amy

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  4. hyavision11 said:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
    Love and hugs ❤

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