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Ok….thanks to lovely WordPress, this is take two. I was 1/2 way into writing this post and uploading pictures when the picture wasn’t loading and I couldn’t stop and get back to my post, so closed the screen, which normally saves a draft of the post and this time didn’t.

So this is the shortened version!

I went to 3 museums on this day and liked the Automotive Museum the best. I grew up loving road trips, with a family who loved cars of all kinds and took lots of local and long distance trips.

So most of the photos will be of the Automotive museum. I wasn’t happy with the photo quality but the light was bright and I was using my phone camera. But you can get an idea of the wonderful exhibits.

1 1931 Cadillac 452 roadster v 16
1931 Cadillac 452 Roadster V-16

2 1929 L 29 cord brougham
1929 L-29 Cord Brougham

3 1977 sachsenring trabont 601
1977 Sachsenring Trabant 601. Body made of recycled plastic, in East Germany. These cars were only sold in communist countries, including Cuba.

4 1914 ford modelo T
1914 Ford Modelo T

5 1966 bizzarrini P538 lamborghini V 12  1 of 3
1966 Bizzarrini P538 Lamborghini V-12 engine. One of three built.

6 Lamborthini and 1973 Dino GTS Ferrari
Lamborghini in foreground. 1973 Dino GTS Ferrari. The engine was designed by Dino Ferrari before he died at age 24 of muscular dystrophy.

7 1960 Alfa Romeo Sprint
1960 Alfa Romeo Sprint. Alfa Romeo was an employee owned factory.

8 1981 Delorean
1981 Delorian with a stainless steel body.

11 Tango electric car one seatter
Tango electric car. This car is designed for one person, built with reinforcement up to 4X that of normal cars and designed to only take up 1/2 of a lane.

13 1929 Ford Model A coupe
1929 Ford Model A Coupe, similar to the one my Father owned.

9 1926 Harley Davidson motorcycle
1926 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

10 1928 Guzzi motorcycle
1928 Guizzi motorcycle.

12 1916 Harley davidson motorcycle
1916 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

15 Steve McQueen display poster

14 Steve McQueen display
Display honoring actor Steve McQueen for his car and motorcycle racing careers.

There were several Indian Chief motorcycles, some with side cars but my photos didn’t turn out well.

16 Automotive museum
Front of the Automotive Museum. It presently has a special display, too, featuring San Diego vehicles and displays for the 100th anniversary.

17 Museum of Flight original Ford Pavillion building
The Air and Space museum. This is the only building left of the original Ford Pavillion, built for the 1915 Balboa park exposition. The pavillion was built to display cars and also had roads around it so people could test drive the cars before purchasing them.

22 Apollo 9
Capsule of Apollo 9

23 Fleet model 2 1929
Fleet Model 2 1929

24 lincoln standard J T barnstorming plane
Lincoln standard J-T barnstorming plane

25 lockheed vega 5 B replica for movie Amelia
Replica of the Lockheed Vega 5 B, made for the movie “Amelia”. This is a replica of the one Amelia Earhart flew to win many records.

26 Bowlus SP 1 Albatross Glider
Bowlus SP-1 Albatross glider that set many records.

27 pitts Special S 15 aerobotic plane
Pitts Special aerobotic plane used for aerobotic trick flying.

18 San Diego hall of champions sports museum
San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum.

20 Marcus Allen
This museum honors San Diego athletes in High School, College and Professional, as well as the local professional sports teams. I’m a Raiders fan so the only display that caught my eye was the one for the great Marcus Allen, who played for the Raiders when they were based in Los Angeles.

21 Balboa park club
I also wandered past the Balboa Park club, which was originally built in 1915 for the Panama-California exposition as the New Mexico Building. It was inspired by a 300 year old Acoma Pueblo mission church. In 1935 it was remodeled for the California Pacific International Exposition.

I hope you have enjoyed our walk for today. If you are in the area, please take the time to come visit Balboa park!!!


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  1. A Raiders fan! Yikes!


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