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I’m not sure when it all started, but yard and front door decorations for Halloween have become a big thing for people now. In my childhood, all each home had was a porch light left on, and that told us we were welcome to trick or treat there. We were greeted with folks dressed in their normal clothes, bowls filled with loose candy or homemade treats.

Today it has gone commercial with people’s lawns and front doors lighted and decorated up as if it is Christmas. Someone’s marketing idea has made a fortune for stores across the country.

It is still a delight though to see all the children and now dogs, too, dressed up, donning a different persona for the night. A sugar fest for sure, with hermetically sealed high fructose corn syrup sweets, but at least it carries children door to door to front doors through the neighborhood, doors they might not ever knock on otherwise, building community for a night.

I walk my present host’s dog and took these pictures on our late afternoon and evening walks. These are all taken with my phone camera, so some are not the greatest, but at least you get a glimpse of one neighborhood’s Halloween sights 🙂 Hope you enjoy them!








11 lights

1 lights

2 lights

3 lights


Comments on: "Halloween In The Neighborhood" (2)

  1. You weren’t joking, it almost looks like Christmas decorations. When I was a kid and would head out to trick-r-treat it was like you said, lights on means it’s ok to stop there, lights off means on to the next house. That was it. Marketing gone wild! lol

    Looks like a nice neighborhood, what city is it in? I agree with you that it’s a nice excuse to build community with kids (many times with parents in tow), greet their neighbors and circle the community. Nice to be able to watch. Thanks for sharing pics and updates from what’s going on in your neck of the woods! 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment Zak! I don’t get many comments so it is always a treat…yay…someone connected, YOU connected!!!! I am in San Diego, and I don’t know the neighborhood’s name but it is up east of the bay, off of Claremont drive. It is a very quiet, seemingly safe neighborhood. I drove by other houses in the neighborhood that were even more gonzo in their decorations, I’m talking full out blow up figures, tombstones, lights, other Halloween figures, etc….just like Christmas stuff. We could probably feed an entire African country on what people spend on these things that they use one or two weeks out of the year 🙂


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