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Balboa Park, San Diego, CA, August 24, 2014

OK, OK….it may look like I never go anywhere else, but I do 🙂 I love Balboa park…lots of free parking, green cushy grass, always something going on, beautiful buildings and gardens, lots of shade.

Yesterday I headed over to go to the Palestine Festival at the International cottage houses. This is the first festival I’ve been to there. It is wonderful to be a part of the culture and camaraderie, especially in the midst of the horror going on there right now.

There was an amazing Oud player, a man who plays all over the world, even at Carnegie Hall. I apologize for not getting his name. He played many songs and had a drummer accompanying him, playing one hand drum that sounded like a tabla drum but seemed to play like a dumbek. I loved hearing many of the people in the audience joining in, singing in their native language. How wonderful for them to have this festival to bring them all together. And how great that the park celebrates a different country each weekend.

There was a beautiful “fashion” show, showing new and vintage garments from various cities. It was quite interesting to see the difference in garment design that the various areas inspired. There were a few dance performances and some powerful poems that were read, too. I filmed one of the dance performances but unfortunately somehow it didn’t end up saved. I am going to get a new phone soon and hope to learn how to use it better. I’m also going to get a camera with a video function, so I’ll HAVE to get familiar with that so I can bring you better photos and some videos, too.

So, unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the festival and didn’t get any videos either.

After leaving, I headed over to the Bonsai display in the Casa del Prado. I made some stops on the way, so I got there 5 minutes before they closed. I felt a little self conscious, as people were packing up, so I quickly walked around taking these photos. I was disappointed to find out they weren’t in the best focus but at least you can get an idea of the work. I love how magical this horticulture art is and how ancient some of these plants manage to be. One of these plants is a real fig tree and produces tiny fig fruit. It reminds me of the books I read as a child featuring the Lilliputians, or my fascination with fairies.

Bonsai 6

Bonsai 1

Bonsai 2

Bonsai 3

Bonsai 4

Bonsai 5

After leaving the Asian Horticultural display, I wandered around looking for the Carousel. I had read a favorite blog of mine “Cool San Diego Sights”, and read about it and had never seen it. So I wandered north past the kiddy train by the zoo and finally looked at a map and found it. Here are two photos of it.

Carousel 2

Carousel 1

After leaving I went to sit with my feet in the fountain for a short while. It was fun to watch the children in the fountain swimming and having fun.

Finally I headed back toward my car, looking for a great tree and shade to sit under so I could read. I took the time to walk in and check out the Old Globe theater and took this picture of the back side of the Museum of Man, which is my favorite building in the park.

Back of San Diego Museum of Man

Hope you have enjoyed the afternoon with me. Soon I plan to purchase a day pass for museums and explore them more thoroughly, perhaps even check out the available 3 D films on White Sharks, Dinosaurs and the universe! Come check it out yourself!

Balboa Park, San Diego, July 27th, 2014

I decided to head over to Balboa Park on Sunday, July 27th, to hear an organ concert. Many of the listeners came equipped with umbrellas. I sought out the shade of a tree and sat on the ground:) The acoustics are so wonderful, the architecture so beautiful.

Spreckels organ pavillion

When the concert was over I decided to head to the Botanical Garden. I had read about the orchid show in the garden. Here are some photos I took of the various orchids. Keep in mind these pictures were taken with a camera phone….low end camera at that, as I haven’t made the move to a smart phone yet. I think the pictures turned out pretty well though.

Orchids 6

Orchids 5

Orchids 4

Orchids 3

Orchids 2

Orchids 1

After leaving the garden, I walked by a Father and daughter, sitting on a bench, with a beautiful orchid plant sitting next to them. I stopped to comment on it and the man directed me to a show and orchid sale going on in a nearby building. Here are photos of two of the orchids there.

Orchids 8

Orchids 7

Next I headed over to lay on the ground and soak up the root energy of this tree that has the distinction of having one of the largest expanses in the world. On the way there, I passed by the “pirates” dangling from the building, advertising the ongoing pirate exhibition.

Pirate exhibition

Large tree

Lastly, on the way back, I stopped near the butterfly garden and noticed a bench memorial for the great activist Harvey Milk. A sweet ending to a sweet afternoon.

Harvey Milk Bench

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