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Campo, CA

My entire almost 13 month journey has been guided.  Sometimes I was led to areas or homes via friends I wanted to see; sometimes through my barter for housing ads on craigslist and whichever town/person responded that felt correct, that’s where I went; sometimes it was through friends asking friends; and more rarely, it was through getting a hotel room for a night or two or a room in a B and B.  And…I had one couch surfing experience..but we won’t talk about that 🙂 But it has been really clear to me that each person and place I’ve been led to involved healing work…sometimes overtly and sometimes covertly.

One of my clients whom I connected with led me to stay with her friend in Campo, CA, which is a little over an hour southeast of San Diego, almost to the Mexican border. My host is care-taking a small farm and there was available space in an empty (and I mean empty) house that was set to be re-done. So….I’ve been camping out in the this room for almost 6 weeks, sharing meals with the host in his trailer, sometimes taking care of the animals, sometimes going for walks and bringing healing to the land.

This land used to have Native Americans on it, and there is still some reservation land near here.  These natives’ spirits that were on this land were unhappy and felt like they had failed to protect their people better in the past.  The land has been neglected and there was much sadness in the earth. So a psychic friend led me to do healing for the land.

I have been waiting for a project of mine to come to fruition  so that I could return to San Diego and finish up things there, then leave to go settle in CO.  So, it has been interesting that Spirit led me here.  It is quite a small town with only a little commerce and the locals like it that way.  There are some people who move out here for cheaper housing costs and they commute to town for work. Others come here for ranching and farming or just to get away.  There is quite an extensive train museum here.

It has been very isolated though as even my phone doesn’t get reception here, internet has been slow and intermittent, and  I’ve spent much time alone. Due to the isolation, I didn’t really promote my work here or online either as the phone connection is so awful.  But I can see how it gave me time to be away from clients, friends, events, places to go, and kept me tethered while I finished up the inner work and spiritual work I am doing right now on so many levels as I prepare to move on to my deeper work for the future.

I wanted to take the time to post some photos of this little farm and this little town.  I have grown to appreciate it’s charms and I hope you get a glimpse of them with these photos!

Here are pictures of some of the animals.  Three of the 4 little pigs, some of the chickens,  the female pig with her pretty eyes with the long eye lashes, the male pig with very interesting eyes and the female pig poking her snout through a hole in the fence.

Three little pigs Chickens Female pig Male pig 2 Pig snout

When I went for walks I usually walked east on the road, then north, then followed the train tracks, or I’d just walk along the road to the east or west.  I love the rock formations out here and the amazing huge oak trees.

Campo Nov 23 2013 Oak tree on La Posta Railroad tracks Dec. 2013 Sun rays campo Nov 23 2013 Along the railroad tracks Dec. 2013

It has been a treat to almost daily pay attention to the beautiful sunrises, sunsets and a night sky filled with stars.  Other than how intensely the wind often blows, this is a very quiet place.  Come see for yourself!

Sunrise Dec.17 2013 2 Sunrise Dec 17 2013 3 Sunrise Dec 17 2013

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